Randal Stephen Hall takes a quirky sideways glance at life as seen from his imaginary Moonshed recording studio, with vernacular writing that is sharp, funny and simultaneously both parochial and universal. ” - Seán Laffey. Editor IMM.

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There's only one Randall Stephen Hall - and that's probably just as well - it allows him to occupy a unique space combining art, humour, music and a deep understanding of the importance of myth, music and story-telling - a rare and special talent, rough hewn from his native Ireland." ” - Roger Williams

— Eorld of Difference Radio Show

I first met Gerry Anderson in 2010. He gave me a lot of support on his Radio Foyle, BBC Radio Ulster Show. It challenged me and helped me to reconnect with writing songs again. This rough cut clip, by Thomas McCaffrey is from the launch night of my first CD at The Black Box, Belfast. THE WEE WEE MAN/SONGS FROM THE MOON SHED. It captures the atmosphere from that night and, of course Gerry's words. Thanks Gerry, for keeping it real.

Gerry at the Crossroads 

So, where to begin? . . . Ah yes, I know, I'll start right here. 
If you had said to me in 2006 that I would begin to do music 
once more I would have looked at you with some surprise. 
"How is that going to happen?" I would have said. 

Anyway, back then, in 2006 I was still working as an illustrator 
and any interest I had in music seemed to have faded into 
memory. Something I used to do when I was younger. 
But something happened back then that still surprises me now 
and makes me wonder. 

I still played my old…

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