Randall Stephen Hall is an undiscovered gem of an artist. Dust him down to find an archive of songs you'll love to listen to. ” - Richard Harris

The Richard Harris Folk and Blues Show

 From 2015 to 2018 we set up a stall in St. George's Market in Belfast on a Saturday and Sunday. It was all year round, in all weathers with early starts. We came up with the name RUFTYROOHAH. You can still visit this site online where we still sell our own original Books, Cards, T-Shirts, Tea-Towels and of course, my music. We were grateful for our time at St. George's where we made friends, met alot of people and enjoyed the Craic. www.ruftyroohah.com

Randall Stephen Hall is a painter of words and music. Every song is a mini-scenario full of verbal and musical delights.” - Bob Leslie. Transatlantic Conversations.

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